11 Aug

After a memorable night on Peace Haven Island, I rode to downtown Musanze and spent a whole day at Amicus Restaurant writing, editing and designing my upcoming book. A lot of tea was consuming while working on this publication. 

In the evening, I checked into Indani Residence, in the affluent Mukizungu neighborhood. After camping for three consecutive nights, I needed a home-away-from-home treat. That's exactly what Indani offers.   

Since I reached Rulindo, I have been spending one night per district instead of two. However, Musanze has a way of making tourists stay longer. That explains my second night in this tourism hotspot.

When I woke up in the morning, I was ready to leave the Northern Province. But I had one more thing to do before departure: Giving away books. If you have been reading my chronicles for a while, you must be aware of my community outreach program. The program in question involves donating books to community libraries.

Before departure, I donated books to Musanze YEGO Center and Agati Library. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to conduct my customary book club sessions after the donations. As mentioned above, I had stayed in Musanze longer than I was supposed to. 

My next sub destination was Ngororero District. The next three posts in this section will highlight my experiences in this Western Province district. Stay tuned.