04 Jul

Ngoma is one of the seven districts that constitute the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Although the district is one of the least visited sub destinations by leisure travelers, there is potential for the development of tourism. Upon its completion, the Bugesera - Ngoma road will make Lake Sake easily accessible.

Like any other part of the land of 1,000 hills, Ngoma is a hiker’s paradise. In addition, agro-tourism, culture, and art can easily pick up. However, for that to happen, investment in product development is needed. Furthermore, the district’s proximity to Akagera National Park is an added advantage.

The Kigali - Rusumo highway, connecting Rwanda and Tanzania, puts Ngoma in a position to benefit from the busy central corridor. Whether on business or leisure, Ngoma warmly welcomes you. Today, allow me to give you important information about accommodation options in the district.

East Gate Hotel

Located near the district’s headquarters, branches of different corporations, public institutions, and NGOs, East Gate is a convenient option for many business travelers. The best hotel in Ngoma hosts a wide range of conferences, attracting both domestic and foreign delegates. It is also ideal for retreats and team-building getaways.

In a bid to improve accommodation services in the Eastern Province districts that lagged behind, local government authorities took it upon themselves to invest in a chain of East Gate hotels. However, the hotels are currently under private management. Whether the facilities will be privatized altogether remains to be seen.

Centre Saint Joseph

Owned by the Catholic Diocese of Kibungo, Centre Saint Joseph has been hosting visitors for a long time. A few years ago, the property was upgraded to keep up with the country’s pace of development. In a massive facelift, the old guest house was transformed into a luxury hotel without getting rid of affordable wings.

The bar and restaurant attract many customers every day, most of whom are residents of Ngoma. In addition, Saint Joseph’s Coffee Shop is a hangout joint of choice in the area.

Santa Maria

This hotel is owned by Catholic nuns. The 15-room building is surrounded by a beautiful garden. You can stay here for as little as ten dollars a night and enjoy the serenity and peace of mind experienced in secluded convents.

There is a bar on the premises, but the atmosphere is usually calm. The laid-back nature of the nuns running this place is infectious. Highly recommended for budget travelers who value tranquility.

La Cigale Guest House

This is another great option for anyone traveling on a tight budget. It costs about five dollars to spend a night here. Their cozy rooms are clean and perfectly insulated.

La Cigale doesn’t have a restaurant, but the nest is surrounded by eateries, bars, and restaurants. Located in the heart of Ngoma town, this home-away-from-home provides easy access to everything the district has to offer.