08 May

From Nyungwe Nziza Ecolodge, I rode along the highway for about 15 minutes. When I reached a village known as Gasarenda, I left the tarmac and spun my wheels through the off-the-beaten-path on the edge of Nyungwe Forest. 

I was done with Nyamagabe. The next district was Nyaruguru. As I navigated the trail, snaking through forest patches and tea plantations, I looked at the screen of the device mounted on my bike's handles and realized that I was getting closer and closer to the border with Burundi.

This was the second time I found myself approaching our southern neighbor's territory. The first time was the day I twisted the throttle from Bugesera to Ngoma. Since I embarked on this tour, I have been to all corners of the country and visited several border posts.

The Kitabi - Kibeho route is quite scenic. Plans are underway to tarmac it. However, its current rough terrain is ideal for adventure bikers in pursuit of exhilarating off-road experiences. Until the road is upgraded, regular motorists will keep driving to Nyaruguru via Huye.

It took me about an hour to cover the 25-kilometer stretch. I would have spent less time on the way, but I took a detour at some point. The deviation enabled me to find the Richard Kandt Trail and trace the footprints of the German explorer during his 1890s Caput Nili expedition.

When I made it to Kibeho, I checked into the serene Cana Formation Center. Located on the stunning Nyarushishi Hill, this retreat facility is my favorite hideout in Nyaruguru. My next post will highlight my experiences at the 24th stage of my unforgettable grand tour of Rwanda.