02 Jul

Gisagara is one of the eight districts that form the Southern Province of Rwanda. The 26th sub-destination of my 30 Districts Expedition borders the districts of Nyanza, Huye, and Nyaruguru on one side and the neighboring country of Burundi on the other.    

Gisagara is made up of 13 smaller administrative areas known as sectors. According to the 2022 census, the district is home to 397,051 people.

I entered Gisagara from Huye. While in the area, I conducted a book club session at the local youth center and bought a souvenir from the market. 

On my way to Nyanza, through the off-the-beaten-path, I soaked up stunning landscapes. This scenic ride enabled me to see the remotest parts of the district.

Once again, I chose dirt trails over the highway. If you have been with me since the beginning of this mega tour of Rwanda, you must be aware of my obsession with off-road riding experiences.

Gisagara is relatively unknown. However, the district has a lot of potential in tourism development. Plans are under way to return for a more extensive exploration.