09 Jun

I spent about 45 minutes taking a leisurely walk in the Arboretum of Ruhande, found on the premises of the University of Rwanda. While in the forest, I saw different species of birds and a handful of primates.  

Before I left campus, I bought some refreshments from a shop set up near the cafeteria. As I quenched my thirst, I was taken aback by the number of monkeys roaming around freely. 

Surrounded by monkeys, I felt a profound sense of connection to the natural world. While observing these animals, I saw some similarities between them and human beings. 

I was intrigued by their verbal and non-verbal communication, not to mention their social bonds and emotional displays. The more I poked my nose into their business, the more amazed I was. 

In my book titled Memories, I wrote something about the monkeys inhabiting one small island found in Lake Kivu. My relationship with the inhabitants of the peaceful islet was rocky until I figured out how to reconcile with them and bury the hatchet. That experience left a lasting impression of the beauty and intricacy of our shared characteristic features.